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Connecticut, known as New England is 4th most thickly populated and 29th most populous state among 50 states of U.S. Therefore, real estate industry has a growing trend in Connecticut. There are many real estate agents, brokers and salespersons here that operate either independently or within firms. They assist people in finding suitable properties and also in buying process.

Real estate industry in Connecticut is governed by Connecticut State Department of Consumer Protection that oversees aspects of professional licensing through Connecticut Real Estate Commission. This commission also offers education to become salesperson and brokers. Separate courses are offered for both fields and after passing exams candidates are issued license.

Details about services offered by real estate agents, brokers and salespersons are mentioned below:

Services offered by real estate agent, salespersons and brokers in Connecticut

Though, agents, salesperson and brokers are different persons but their job is nearly same that is to help people in matters related to property. Some responsibilities of agents and salesperson are stated below;

Offering purchase proposal to clients

It is the job of real estate agents to offer suitable purchase proposal to clients. It would be better, if an agent makes a list of different properties and present it to buyer. This list will help buyer to decide which property is best for him.

Work as an intermediary in the negotiations process

It is the responsibility of real estate broker to act as an intermediary in the negotiation process. In this process, broker can either represent one party or both. Broker also takes care of paper work required for transferring property from seller’s name to buyer’s name.

Offering clients guidance about property matters

One of major tasks of real estate agents, brokers and salespersons is to offer clients guidance about all matters related to property such as market conditions, prices, mortgages and legal requirements. Suggestions about these things will help clients in deciding suitable time for buying and selling.

    • They advertise properties which are for sale in open houses, newspapers and on televisions.
    • Brokers take care of legal matters which are essential for transferring property from buyer to seller.
    • They also generate property list and tell client about suitable property.
    • They interview clients in order to determine type of property they require.
    • Brokers also conduct different seminars for salespersons which are aimed at improving their sale skills. Brokers also offer education to salesperson working under them.
    • They also appraise property for determining loan values.
    • They also lease or rent property on the behalf of their clients.
    • They visit properties and properly access them before presenting them to clients.
    • They also compare one property with other and determine price.

In a nutshell, real estate agents, brokers and salespersons take care of all the tasks that are involved in buying in selling or buying property. In you are thinking about becoming a broker or salesperson then you must keep in mind above mentioned responsibilities and education which is mandatory to operate in Connecticut.

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